Become an OFW or Immigrant to Canada?


      Period of Stay
      Stay dependent on work contract
      No work contract required. Shift from Immigrant to Permanent Resident to Citizen
      ANNUAL INCOME (for selection of in demand jobs) 

      Executive assistant: 

      Registered nurses: 


      Depends on country of deployment 

      SR61,411 / Php. 822,708 

      SR59,642 / Php. 799,009 

      SR23,613/ Php. 316,337 

      SR73,450/ Php. 997,388
      Generally higher than OFW salaries 

      $52,416 / Php. 2,092,960 

      C$59,783* / Php. 2,387, 120 

      C$35,270-$91,210**/ Php. 1,408,320 – Php. 3,642,000 

      C$95,000/ Php. 3,793,330
      Endure years of family separation 
      Their salary cannot support family + kids’ education where they are deployed? 
      Immigrant can bring family through family sponsorship. 
      Family stays together

      The Middle East has limited benefits for OFW professionals but not all countries of deployment do. 

      Immigrants/ PR enjoy the same social benefits and programs as citizens, who enjoy cradle to senior year benefits 
      OFWs are forced to leave their children behind as cost of overseas education will eat into their income 

      Canada not only has one of the best educational systems in the world but offers free public education for citizens and permanent residents from kindergarten to completion of secondary education, aged 18 
      The Middle East has one of the worst ITUC Global Rights Index ranking 
      Ranked in the third tier of the ITUC Global Rights Index alongside Australia & the UK 
      QUALITY OF LIFEMost countries of deployment fall far short of Canada’s top ranking for Quality of Life

      Ranked #1 in a global Quality of Life study, which looked at economic stability, good job market, world-class education & healthcare systems
      *Registration in all provinces and territories required to support higher starting salary. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Operating Room / OR, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and Psychiatric.

      **The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Construction Estimating, Plant Maintenance, Industrial, High Voltage, and Fire Alarm

      *** U.S. News in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton’s Global Quality of Life study


      Start your journey to live and work in Canada right here.

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