Work in Canada

    A job can fast track your visa for permanent residency

    Landing a job can help an applicant fast-track their application and greatly reduce the wait for their permanent residency visa in Canada. The offer of employment must be genuine and come from a legitimate Canadian employer.

    If job hunting in your home country is difficult enough, imagine the challenge of doing so thousands of miles away.

    CIC can help you negotiate the wide gap that separates you and the prospective employer in Canada:
    Create or polish your resume to standards Canadian employers are familiar with. The aim is to highlight your skills and experience and help you stand out over competing candidates in and outside Canada
    We encourage you to upload your resume to as many employers possible in the Government of Canada Job Bank
    Assist in getting your educational and professional credentials assessed to demonstrate your credentials are equal to that set for Canadian workers

    It pays to be proactive in hunting for employment. A job will pave the way to getting your permanent residency visa and your future in Canada.

    Start your journey to live and work in Canada right here.

    Our online assessment system will evaluate your eligibility to immigrate.

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