Middle and other management occupations

Financial Managers 
Human Resources Managers 
Purchasing Managers 
Other Administrative Services Managers 
Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage Managers 
Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers 
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Managers
Other Business Services Managers 
Telecommunication Carriers Managers 
Postal and Courier Services Managers 
Engineering Managers 
Architecture and Science Managers 
Computer and Information Systems Managers 
Managers in Health Care 
Govt. Managers – Health and Social Policy Development and Program Administration
Govt. Managers – Economic Analysis, Policy Development and Program Administration
Govt. Managers – Education Policy Development and Program Administration
Other Managers in Public Administration
Administrators - Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training 
School Principals and Administrators of Elementary and Secondary Education
Managers in Social, Community and Correctional Services 
Commissioned Police Officers
Fire Chiefs and Senior Firefighting Officers
Commissioned Officers of the Canadian Forces
Library, Archive, Museum and Art Gallery Managers 
Managers - Publishing, Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and Performing Arts
Recreation, Sports and Fitness Program and Service Directors 
Corporate Sales Managers
Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers 
Restaurant and Food Service Managers 
Accommodation Service Managers 
Managers in Customer and Personal Services, n.e.c
Construction Managers 
Home Building and Renovation Managers
Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers 
Managers in Transportation 
Managers in Natural Resources Production and Fishing
Managers in Agriculture
Managers in Horticulture
Managers in Aquaculture
Manufacturing Managers
Utilities Managers 

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